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Young Rembrandts Artistic Advantage

Young Rembrandts dispels the myth that art is a talent a child does or doesn't have. We view art not merely as a talent, but as a skill that can- and should - be learned by all. Our curriculum introduces concrete ideas and techniques that enlarge and enrich their artistic skills, visual vocabularies, imaginations and minds. Participating in Young Rembrandts provides children comprehensive art literacy and the skill based creativity they need for academic success. Young Rembrandts students show dramatic increase in:

  • Artistic ability
  • Following directions
  • Increased focus
  • Gain fine motor skills
  • Learn handwriting skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Increased confidence and self esteem

Young Rembrandts Academic Advantage

Modern brain research shows educators and parents what constitutes the best education for developing children. An education rich in variety, visual stimuli, cognitive development, positive reinforcement and creative thinking can help children grow brains better able to face the challenges of learning. The Young Rembrandts Method and curriculum offer this form of brain-based learning that is crucial to the complete education and development of modern minds.

Art benefits all children, but is especially significant for visual learners, not because they will grow up to be artists, but because it is a visual, tactile medium that meets children in their learning need.Young Rembrandtsbrings even more value to the visual tactile learner, by intentionally using art to develop learning skills that are essential to all young children.

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