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Young Rembrandts Franchisees Share Why They Love Their Work

Loving what we do comes naturally for Young Rembrandts franchisees, and it has since we began 30 years ago. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’ve asked our franchisees why they love their businesses so much. At Young Rembrandts, we’re passionate about our franchisees being able to do what they love while making an impact on their communities and the children within them. Hear from some of our franchisees about why they love their work:

With a background in journalism, El Paso/Las Cruces Young Rembrandts franchisee Marcela Riano loves the opportunity she’s had to give back to the community. Since opening her business seven years ago, she says it’s had a transformative impact on her life. “I feel so happy to be able to bring the joy of art to kids who wouldn’t otherwise have that opportunity. Young Rembrandts has changed my life completely.”

In North Houston, Cecilia and Federico Peña, formerly a psychologist and an oil/gas professional, respectively, , are experiencing work-life balance like never before. They’re able to make their own schedules and control their own destiny. As Cecilia puts it, “We’re building a life for our family and for ourselves, and we love working at a business that emphasizes the personal connection of working with kids. I love the idea that we’re doing something to bring more joy and beauty to the world and it’s extremely rewarding to be able to empower these kids to show them that they can do whatever they set their minds to if they have the ability to stay on task, organize their minds and follow through with the process.”

Flexibility is key to maintaining a busy business while juggling life’s demands for Linda Freedman, a Young Rembrandts franchisee in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey who was formerly an educational sales representative. “Young Rembrandts is especially unique because it’s inclusive of children with all different behavioral and physical abilities. Running my Young Rembrandts business means that I have flexibility. I’m still allowed to have a life while I run a successful business and do other activities and projects at the same time.”

Richard and Claudia Gonzalez, franchisees in the East San Gabriel Valley in California since 2004, have seen firsthand the impact that Young Rembrandts can have on children with special needs, an issue close to their hearts. “Being a part of Young Rembrandts has been a blessing for us on many levels,” Claudia says. “The resources and innovation provided by the home office enabled us to succeed as small business owners while facilitating work-life balance. This is critical for us because we get to spend more time with our son, and it’s very rewarding to see the pride our students feel when they see everything they’re capable of achieving. Together, this makes us grateful every day that we have meaningful work.”

Sadhna Sarma, a Young Rembrandts franchisee in East Bay, California, was a business analyst before opening her franchise in 2010. She’s been able to implement many community focused efforts to enrich the local school district, including partnering with nonprofit organizations that offer scholarships to kids who wouldn’t be able to afford classes otherwise. She weighs in, saying, “being a Young Rembrandts franchisee has allowed me to lead a very balanced lifestyle while making a difference in our community. We can proudly say that we provide a quality art education for our students while providing employment to our teachers and revenue for our school district, community centers and PTA/PTOs. Besides the mainstreamed children that we provide art education for, we also have many students that have ADHD, autism and difficult home situations. We are extremely fortunate to have a dedicated group of instructors that can see that their efforts make a difference.”

Tom Dempsey, a Young Rembrandts franchisee in Boise, Idaho, worked for more than 15 years as a high school history teacher before becoming a Young Rembrandts franchisee. “What I enjoy most about running my business is the independence and ability to make my own decisions that directly impact my business. I have the ability to be at home when my kids come home from school which is extremely important to me.”

Don Eisenhauer, a Young Rembrandts franchisee in Milwaukee, had always dreamed of having a job where he was able to give more back to the community. Now, this dream is a reality for Don. “Teaching my students regularly, I’ve learned that one of the best things in life is seeing a child grow right in front of your own eyes,” Don says. “I believe it was more than coincidence that led me to this opportunity. After spending 25 years in the corporate world to now running my own business, I honestly couldn’t be any happier. I start out every day with a sense of joy knowing that I have the ability to positively impact young children by helping them grow creatively through Young Rembrandts. Owning this business has been a tremendous blessing to me.”

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Bette Fetter
Founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts and Author of Being Visual

Bette Fetter
Founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts and Author of Being Visual
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