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Texas Franchisee Bio: Federico and Cecilia Pena

Franchisee Duo Experiences Work-Life Balance for the First Time with Young Rembrandts

Balancing busy careers in psychology and the oil and gas industry with the demands of raising a family, Cecilia and Federico Peña are no strangers to having to make sacrifices in order to achieve the life they desire. Now, after joining Young Rembrandts, the franchisee duo based in North Houston are experiencing a work-life balance they’ve never had before. They’re able to make their own schedules and control their own destiny, running a business they’re proud of while spending even more time with their children.

“We’re building a life for our family and for ourselves, and we love working at a business that emphasizes the personal connection of working with kids,” Cecilia says. “I love the idea that we’re doing something to bring more joy and beauty to the world and it’s extremely rewarding to be able to empower these kids to show them that they can do whatever they set their minds to if they have the ability to stay on task, organize their minds and follow through with the process.”

Cecilia and Federico work with a variety of teachers from many different backgrounds, including younger teachers who enjoy the flexibility and fun of the program to established art instructors who love the joy of experiencing the students’ proud moments alongside them.

“We’re helping build something in the kids’ minds,” Cecilia says. “I can see it in my own kids, even myself – now, after a while drawing with Young Rembrandts, whenever I see something I think, ‘I can draw that.’ It’s having that possibility, of seeing the world, and having it translated into a better understanding of what’s around you, and the shapes and patterns that make up the world.”

Cecilia and Federico are some of our amazing franchisees that we’re featuring during the month of June to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Ready to take the first step building a career that you love? Visit to get started.

Bette Fetter
Founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts and Author of Being Visual

Bette Fetter
Founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts and Author of Being Visual
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