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Franchising as a Family: It's What You've Been Looking For

One of the great things about franchising is that a person is never truly alone in their business venture. A strong, proven franchise system such as Young Rembrandts will always empower entrepreneurs to succeed and provide the support needed to do so. Best of all, Young Rembrandts offers a business model that’s fit for families looking to franchise together. Learn why the Young Rembrandts opportunity is perfect for entrepreneurs and their families!

Enjoy a home-based business

Young Rembrandts is a true home-based business with no real-estate purchases or rentals. Not only does this result in low start-up costs, but also a better work-life balance for franchisees. Working out of their home office, franchisees are responsible for growing a staff of part-time instructors and running the day-to-day operations of managing the business. Due to the nature of the business, families can not only enjoy the ins-and-outs of operations together, but they can also appreciate more time spent with each other outside of the work.

Become more involved

Many franchisees with Young Rembrandts, especially franchisee couples, have enjoyed becoming more involved with their families as a result of the business. Due to their connections with their children’s schools, franchisees have been able to bring Young Rembrandts art classes to these schools and enrich the lives of their children and their children’s peers. The franchising opportunity allows many family-oriented franchisees to build an asset for retirement while bringing everyone into doing something they love – helping children succeed.

Leave behind a legacy

The Young Rembrandts business model empowers franchisees and franchising families to be local leaders in their communities. Plus, families can feel confident knowing they’re building a business that can be passed down to their children. Through the business, children are provided award-winning services that promote art, education and creativity, learning skills that are necessary to succeed in life. While franchising in general allows entrepreneurs and families to leave behind a legacy for generations to come, Young Rembrandts ensures that legacy is impacting the young, creative minds of the future.


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Bette Fetter
Founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts and Author of Being Visual

Bette Fetter
Founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts and Author of Being Visual
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