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Building Corporate Culture with an Established Franchise

The Young Rembrandts franchise stands as a recognized market leader, empowering franchisees with a proven business model and more than 30 years of success. This combination is great news for entrepreneurs looking to eliminate the guesswork of a start-up business.

According to Founder and CEO Bette Fetter, this is just one of the many reasons why entrepreneurs seek out established franchise concepts to fulfill their dreams of becoming their own boss. However, those who are eager to enter the world of franchising may be pleased to find that within those established systems, there’s room to weave in their own personal touch.

In an article with Canadian Franchising, Fetter points out: “While franchises come with an established brand, marketing strategies, technology tools, training and support; there are still opportunities for the new business owner to make his mark in the corporate culture he or she creates.”  

Franchising offers the best of both worlds for driven entrepreneurs looking for the safety net of a proven concept as they work to build their individual business’ culture. A key part of establishing this culture is acting with intention, such as hiring people who align with the needs of the business owner, being transparent about the vision and much more, Fetter explains. These are just a few of the many ways people can build a culture unique to their own visions and goals.

As a franchisee with Young Rembrandts, some of the key responsibilities include hiring and training a staff of part-time instructors and running the day-to-day operations of managing and growing the business. With the backing of an award winning franchise, franchisees have the ability to develop a business culture they can be proud of through these integral components of the business.

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Bette Fetter
Founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts and Author of Being Visual

Bette Fetter
Founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts and Author of Being Visual
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